Sunday, March 26, 2006

Game systems

This week we're looking at game systems - a collection of components or formal elements which can function together across multiple games. Game systems are very difficult to design, yet can afford the creation of many fascinating games. A deck of cards is probably the most commonly known game system.
  1. Creating mods (modifications) to existing games is a common practice, not just for computer games, but for any form of games. Does this imply that any game can be considered a game system? Why/why not?
  2. Consider a game which you feel could be successfully modified. How could this game be generalized into a game system? How much of the unique character/flavour of the game can be retained? How generic can you make the game system? How easy will it be to create new, unique games from the game system?
  3. Describe one new game designed on top of the game system you proposed in question 2.


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